14 October 2010

Strand Beach

Date: 9 October 2010

Location: Strand, in the Helderberg

Walkers: Dorothy & Helen

As we were in the area, Dorothy and I stopped in at the beachfront of the seaside town of Strand for a short walk along the sand.

It was a perfect, still day and many other people had had the same idea!

There were swimmers and surfers out in the water, people sunbathing, making sandcastles, playing ballgames and picnicking on the sand. This is a very popular beach with families as it is one of the safest in the Cape, with warm water, gentle waves and no nasty currents.

And pretty too, with the Hottentots Holland mountains in the distance.

There appeared to be some sort of fishing competition on the go.

Strand itself isn't very charming, but the beach on a windless spring day was absolutely lovely. Summer isn't far away now. Hooray!



Firefly the Travel Guy said...

I can imagine that the Strand beach can be a bit of a nightmare when the south easter is howling across the bay.

Helen said...

Haha, you are correct!