01 October 2010

Side Note: No, Not Again!

[A family of four] were robbed at knifepoint at the top of Table Mountain on Tuesday, raising concerns about security at one of the world’s premier tourist attractions.

Full news story here.

This makes me nervous to go out onto the mountain. A group of four (three men in the party) at Maclear's Beacon (usually a busy spot) in the middle of the day... and still not safe! It's maddening that the authorities can't put a stop to this sort of thing.


Firefly the Travel Guy said...

Hey Helen. It is truly sad to read this. I can't understand how between SANParks, the city of Cape Town, the metro police, SAP and Defence Force they haven't been able to sort out some kind of measures to secure Table Mountain and all its walks. It is a sad day. I hope somebody wakes up soon.

Reggie said...

Oh no, that is just infuriating. Thanks for keeping us informed, Helen.