31 December 2011

Kirstenbosch: The Pineapple Lily

Date: 30 December 2011

Location: Kirstenbosch

Walkers: Dorothy, Jo and Helen

The Kirstenbosch archive is here.

After a cup of tea at the tearoom we meandered down the western side of the garden, past the Botanical Society building and the wetlands, and on the lawns and sculptures in the lower garden.

It was a perfect sunny day! It was so pleasant to be in the peaceful garden rather than a bustling shopping centre (where I'd been earlier in the day).

The late summer beds are full and, in places, looking rather overgrown.

But there were lots of pretty flowers...

One of the most unusual plants in the garden right now is the Pineapple Lily, Eucomis autumnalis. What a magnificent display!


28 December 2011

Slow Stroll in Newlands Forest

27 December 2011

Location: Newlands Forest

Walkers: Dorothy, Michele, Brenda & Helen

Newlands Forest is the best place to walk if it's very hot and/or windy. No-one felt very energetic this afternoon so we took the easier paths and ambled slowly. This walk was less about burning the calories and more about enjoying the coolness of the shade, and chatting!

I ran my hand over the soft tufts of the summer grasses.

And was very curious about this betty. Anyone know what it is?


27 December 2011

Christmas 2011 in Kirstenbosch

Date: 25 December 2011

Location: Kirstenbosch

Walkers and picnickers: The usual gang

A Christmas picnic in Kirstenbosch has become a tradition. This year (again!) we had a perfect day: warm and sunny, with a little high cloud and a gentle cool breeze. Friends and family and a feast! It was a super-relaxing way to spend the holiday. Views from our tree:

After several hours of lounging around a couple of us took our cups of tea and went for a short stroll around the lawns and beds of the upper garden.

Plenty of bright mid-summer colour!


26 December 2011

Lion's Head 2011 - Walk 5

Date: 20 December 2011

Location: Lion's Head

Walkers: Brenda, Douglas & Helen

*** Route plotted here ***

Archive of Lion's Head walks here.

I'm somewhat horrified to see that this is only my fifth walk up Lion's Head for this year! I just haven't been walking as much as I used to, especially the latter part of 2011. I hope to - plan to - get back on track in 2012.

I gazed at Table Mountain while I waited for the other two to join me. They'd walked up from Tamboerskloof first. We then trudged on up the jeep track together, circling around the peak.

I was sad to see that some of the silver trees have died.

We walked on, round the west slope, hot in the blazing sun.

Pretty little flowers on the wayside...

... and that breathtaking view south. This is such a rewarding walk!

As it was so hot we decided to keep the walk short, so took the left fork and proceeded round the hill and down on the north slope.

On the Lion's back, looking to the rump.

A couple of other flowers spotted on the way.

And a new bench at the parking area, made from mosiac. I love it!