24 June 2010

Sea Point Prom: Now with Sculpture!

Date: 23 June 2010

Location: Sea Point

Helen & Michele

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It was great to get down to the Sea Point promenade again, on a gorgeous winter's afternoon. Surprisingly balmy for this time of year.

I spotted a new sign: a map of the area. Useful!

And also saw the new series of sculptures dotted along the promenade. I really like the idea of art in public places and I think the sculptures are rather fun although they didn't 'speak to me' in any deep way. You can read more about the artist and her work here.

The aloes are flowering at the moment. Lovely aren't they.

The promenade was busy with lots of locals and World Cup visitors walking, running or simply enjoying the last golden rays and the pretty sunset.

(Photos by Helen)

21 June 2010

Marine Drive to Blouberg

Date: 20 June 2010

Location: Table View

Walkers: Michele and Helen

*** Route plotted here ***

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I haven't been doing much walking these last few weeks... partly because of the weather and the World Cup and partly because I'm still feeling jittery about venturing out onto the mountain (and reports of more muggings worry me greatly). This weekend I was really needing some fresh air and exercise so I met Michele in Table View for a walk along the coast instead.

We parked at the Dolphin Beach parking area but instead of walking out onto the beach we followed the paved path on the near side of the dunes.

We stopped to watch a powered para-glider fly overhead. Fun!

Further along we got a view of the sea and the Seli 1 wreck.

We then joined Marine Drive and continued north on the road.

The views back to Cape Town weren't too bad!

There was a lot of traffic on the road and a lot of people out and about enjoying the sunny and warm weather.

Refreshments, colourful curios, artwork, beach gear and soccer paraphernalia was for sale along the roadside.

All the way along the sand dunes have been under rehabilitation - one is only meant to access the beach via the walkways. I reckon it's working - the dune vegetation looked in good shape.

Then we noticed that there was a bank of cloud coming closer...

... and closer..

... and closer still...

... until it enveloped us! So quickly too!

We continued walking in the mist, through to Bloubergstrand. We saw many beach goers packing up their stuff and leaving the beach. Day over.

The mist was really cold and damp. Brr! We stopped into Ons Huisie Restaurant for a bite of (disappointingly mediocre) lunch.

Then we walked swiftly back along the same route, in the chilly and gloomy mist. Cape Town weather... always unpredictable ;-)

(Photos by Helen)

18 June 2010

Zandvlei Wetlands

Date: 13 June 2010

Location: Zandvlei wetlands, in Muizenberg

Walkers: Helen, Claudia and Richard with Roxy and Daisy

I happily joined Claudia and Richard on one of their daily dog-walks. They are lucky to live close to Zandvlei in Muizenberg. This nature reserve comprises the river estuary, wetlands and surround land. It is a popular place for walking dogs. Roxy and Daisy certainly knew their way there!

We walked down to the pedestrian bridge and crossed over to the far side.

From here one gets a good view of the peaks above Muizenberg.

It feels as if one is about halfway between the Simonstown mountains towards the south and Devil's Peak to the north.

The dogs had a wonderful time charging around, sniffing interesting smells, running and swimming after tennis balls..

... while we strolled around, chatted and admired the dramatic skies.

Until the heavens opened and we had to run home as fast as possible. We still got pretty drenched!

(Photos by Helen)