16 June 2011

Table Mountain Contour Revisited

12 June 2011

Location: Table Mountain

Walkers: Michele, Brenda, Delphi & Helen

*** Route plotted here ***

Previous walks on the Table Mountain contour path here and here.

I decided it was time to walk up the Saddle path again. I've avoided that area for over a year (!) after being mugged on Devil's Peak last May. But I have been really missing doing walks there, so when planning an amble with some friends today I suggested we start there, and then walk along the contour path along the face of Table Mountain and descend down the Kloof Corner path. This is an easy one-way route, with fabulous views, and a great choice for this warm sunny day.

We didn't need to go very far up the zig-zagging path til we reached the turn-off to the lower contour.

Not many flowers out at the moment, although it was nice to see this vibrant red erica flourishing along this stretch.

Also in the vicinity was this strange plant, I think perhaps a serruria?

Because of the recent rain the waterfalls along the route were flowing. We filled our water bottles with delicious cold mountain water.

It was good to revisit some of my favourite spots, like this rocky overhang.

There was another mossy waterfall here too. Beautiful!

We continued on, crossing the Platteklip Gorge path...

... and then onwards towards the corner.

Here we had a rest of the rocks, nibbled some fruit and soaked up the sun.

While poking around the rocks something caught my eye. I found (completely by accident) my first geocache.

The last section of the walk was downhill to our waiting car. Excellent walk.


Kirstenbosch: 'Allo Aloe

Date: 12 June 2011

Location: Kirstenbosch

Walker: Helen

The Kirstenbosch archive is here.

I popped into Kirstenbosch late in the afternoon for a quick look-see. It was a dreary day and the garden was almost empty (I love it like that!).

I walked straight to the rockery. This time of year the brightest things in the garden are the aloes, and they were certainly looking magnificent.

The whorls of buds are so sculpural. They are fun to touch.

And I also like to run my hands along the soft spikes on the edges of the fleshy leaves.

Other succulents were in flower too.

As well as a few other plants.

The purple ribbon bush was looking spectacular.

In many parts of the garden there were newly planted beds. Nothing to see here now, but it is going to be interesting to visit again in a few months and see how these beds look.

I made a point of passing the ginko tree on my way to the top of the garden. I like to visit it regularly, throughout the seasons. It's an old friend.

Many of the plants in the fynbos beds were in flower, especially Leucospermums. Pincushion proteas.

And this one, which I think its Serruria of some kind.

The plants that charmed me most this visit were the reeds and grasses.

The subtle colours and varied textures really appeal to me.

I also like the grey foliage, especially the silver trees.


15 June 2011

Muizenberg in the Mist

Date: 10 June 2011

Location: Muizenberg

Walkers: Brenda, Dorothy, Michele & Helen

Have a look at the Muizenberg archive (here) for all walks in this area.

We wrapped up warmly for a late-afternoon stroll along the beachfront at Surfer's Corner in Muizenberg. Despite the wintery weather the surfers were out. Instead of heading onto the sand we took the Catwalk, the paved path heading in the direction of St James.

The path is just below the railway line and every so often a trained rattled passed with much noisy clatter.

We hadn't been walking long when a mist rolled in. Brr!

As the mist came in the temperature dropped and it felt too cold and unpleasant to be out, so we headed back. The beachfront was looking rather bleak in the grey weather.

We left the beachfront and headed to the cosy market for a bite to eat.