12 September 2012

Table Mountain: Climbing Up Under the Cableway

Date: 30 August 2012

Location: Table Mountain

Walkers: Michele & Helen

*** Route plotted here ***

Archive of other walks along the Table Mountain Contour here.


We started at Kloof Corner like we usually do but decided to do this favourite walk the other way around for a change. We walked on Tafelberg Road to the Lower Cable Station and followed the path up under the trees.

We climbed the stone stairs, stopping to admire the flowers. There were so many... it looked like a garden!

The late afternoon light was looking moody direction Lion's Head.

Flowers! White adenandra in full bloom.


Crassula fascicularis just opening up.

And what looks like buds of serruria.

As we neared the contour path we got great views of Lion's Head.

In the other direction: Devil's Peak, the city and mountains in the distance.

Every so often the cable car travelled overhead.

We walked along the contour path towards Kloof Corner. There is just the one large tree up here, and it was beautifully silhouetted against the sky.

Looking behind us again we saw the moon had risen above Devil's Peak. Hello full moon!

We walked quickly down the Kloof Corner path, enjoying  the beautiful sunset. It was almost dark by the time we got down!


11 September 2012

Late Afternoon Stroll Along Tafelberg Rd

Date: 24 August 2012

Location: Table Mountain

Walkers: Helen & Brenda

Archive of all walks along Tafelberg Road here.

We started our walk at the Kloof Corner parking area. From here I like to look down to the hairpin bend below.

We walked on along the road, past the lower cable way station and onwards towards Platteklip. I also love the view down to the harbour.

We saw some flowers seen on the way: sweet-smelling freesia.

Also sweet-smelling... Cape Sweetpea, Podalyria calyptrata.

And we also saw Zaluzainskya. Thus is the mystery bud I saw on my last walk. Great to see it open. What a cute flower!

10 September 2012

Table Mountain Contour Path

Date: 18 August 2012

Location: Table Mountain

Walkers: Michele & Helen

*** Route plotted here ***

Archive of other walks along the Table Mountain Contour here.

This is the same walk Michele and I did a fortnight ago but this time my camera played along a little better. Once again the weather was perfect and once again we started at Kloof Corner and walked all the way along Tafelberg Road to the start of the Saddle path.

Spotted along the way: yellow morea...

... and white china flower.

The grasses were also growing well along the roadside.

Up the Saddle path we went. It's an easy route on a stepped zig-zag path.

Before long we had climbed a good way up above Tafelberg Road.

On the slopes: sunny yellow daisies!

And clumps of pink erica. Erica baccans I think.

And orange Erica abietina too.

More daisies along the side of the path.

The turned onto the contour and followed the path direction Platteklip.

After all the winter rains the waterfalls were flowing strongly. We hopped across a wet path...

... and continued along the route.

Past the cave and another full waterfall.

We crossed the Plattefklip path too and took the high road onwards.

This wet winter has resulted in very healthy and bushy fynbos.

I love the colours.

There were plenty more early spring flowers too. Erica lutea.

Pretty butterfly bush, Polygala garcinii.

Gorgeous pelargonium.

And a mystery bud. Hmm, what is it?

Best bit of the walk: going behind the waterfall.

Wet paths everywhere.

And grass and reeds.

The contour ends at Kloof Corner.

Spring daisies.

Plenty other flowers hereabouts too. Brown sage, Salvia africana-lutea.

Lobostemon glaucophyllus.

The balloon pea, Sutherlandia frutescens.

This looks like an aspalanthus, although I am not sure which one.

More yellow: doll's rose, hermannia.

Babiana ambigua.

And plenty of pink mesembs.