25 November 2012

Meander along the Table Mountain Contour

Date: 6 October 2012

Location: Table Mountain

Walkers: Brenda and Helen

*** Route plotted here ***

The Table Mountain Contour Path archive is here.

Brenda and I parked at Platteklip Gorge and walked down Tafelberg Road to the start of the Saddle Path. Up the steps we went.

Alongside the path we saw clumps of the painted lady, Gladiolus carneus.


Also spotted this yellow one, which I think is Sebaea exacoides.

A powderpuff, Pseudoselago spuria

And one of the loveliest pelargoniums, Pelargonium myrrhifolium var. myrrhifolium.

We followed the Saddle path up to the intersection with the contour, then right along the contour towards Platteklip Gorge.We passed lots of pretty pink erica on these slopes.


We passed Platteklip and continued on the contour.


Perched on rock alongside the road, a small bird of prey. Lucky sighting!

Lots of happy fynbos hereabouts.

We took the alternative route down, just past Platteklip Gorge. This path isn't very well used, but it is a nice easy descent.


On the way down we saw a small fire below Tafelberg Road. A fire engine appeared on the scene very quickly and fortunately by the time we passed it the incident was taken care of. Well done, fire-fighters!

Babianas at Kloof Corner

Date: 2 October 2012

Location: Table Mountain

Walkers: Dorothy and Helen

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The days are getting longer and - yay -- it is possible to do walks after work again. This afternoon Dorothy and I went up the steps at Kloof Corner.

Flowers spotted on the way up: Wachendorfia paniculata.

The white scabiosa, S. columbaria.

Another white one. I think it's Dischisma ciliatum.

And one more white one, Adenandra uniflora.

The fragrant crassula, Crassula fascicularis.

And the common Lachenalia fistulosa.

At the top of the steps we found lots and lots babiana, Babiana villosula, in various shades of light blue. So, so pretty!


Spring Showers in Newlands Forest

Date: 22 September 2012

Location: Newlands Forest

Walkers: Helen and Michele

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We met for a lunchtime walk in Newlands Forest. On the way up to the forest we admired the bright new leaves on the trees.

We followed our usual path uphill, alongside the river.

This time of year the hillside looks green and lush...

... the streams are flowing very strongly...

... and the keurbooms scent the air with their sweet smell.

As we made our way up the slopes it started to rain. Quite a downpour too! We sheltered under a tree until the rain lightened up. We didn't have any umbrellas or raincoats with us and got pretty soaked.


We decided to head back down again. By the time we got down the rain had stopped and the sun was out again!


On the way back we stopped at Rhodes Memorial. From this viewspot one can look down to the city, and towards the harbour.

YUM! Pork Sausages

Cold bangers make a delicious picnic food. We ate these ones on the Palmiet River Walk in Kogelberg Nature Reserve.

24 November 2012

Kogelberg: Palmiet River Circle

Date: 16 September 2012

Location: Kogelberg 

Walkers: Dorothy, Michele, Aafke & Helen

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First warm sunny day of the Spring! We made an early start and were in Kogelberg before nine, setting off on the Palmiet River Walk route.


After all the rain we've had the river was extremely full and flowing quickly.

As always it was simply wonderful to be this beautiful valley!


The fynbos on the first section of the walk is still showing signs of the fire that swept through the reserve a year or two back.

But there were also still plenty of new growth and spring flowers.

 Every little stream - and the Palmiet River itself - was foamy and gushing.

After a while we walked into the part of the reserve that didn't burn: rich, mature fynbos. And more spectacular river views.

More flowers! A gladiolus, possibly G. alatus.

Swamp daisy.

Brilliant purple vygies.

Star grass, Ficinia radiata.


Teeny-tiny mushrooms.

Yellow struthiola, maybe S. argentea.


Bobbly berzelia.

And pretty little sundews. Delicate flowers, and sticky leaves and stems.


We reached the beach at teatime and spent some time relaxing and snacking at this peaceful spot. It was very clear here how high the river was - the spot under the trees where we picnicked last time was completely underwater. Despite the warm day it was too cold to swim.

We saw a blue-headed lizard sunning himself on a tree.

We continued down the valley. The day had warmed up now. Glorious sunshine and not a cloud in the sky!

More beautiful flowers. An unusual pincushion. Sparaxis. Saltera. Bergpalmiet. Wachendorfia. Ixia. Prickly daisy.


At the bridge we decided to head back along the road.

 There were a variety of restios and other grasses growing along the road.


There was a variety of other plants too.

All the streams were full - even these were dark with tannin.

The views of the river - both directions - were captivating.

 Flowers on the wayside: fluorescent coneflowers.

 My most favourite: serruria. Spiderheads!


Little blue flowers. Aristea? 

 The route back on the road was something of a trudge.


Once we got back to the office we picnicked and the napped on the grass.

When we had a closer look at the lawn - lots of miniature wildflowers growing here too. Kogelberg is a floral paradise!


Note: Yes, I'm way behind on this blog - I have been very busy. Also, Blogger is giving me all sorts of hassles with regards formatting of text, paragraphs and photographs. I cannot get these posts to look like I want them to. All very frustrating and annoying. Sorry.