30 March 2009

Muizenberg Beach

Date: 29 March 2009

Location: Muizenberg beachfront

Walkers: Helen and Dorothy

It was a blustery afternoon and the kite surfers were out!

I looked up at Muizenberg Peak and St James's Peak: I'd walked down Peck's Valley between them the day before. Wow, it really was steep!

There was lots to see on the shoreline: kelp, sea-shells, whelks, jellyfish, bluebottles and yucky pond weed.

The whelks were devouring the bluebottles with much ferocity.

By far the strangest thing we saw on the beach, however, was this:

This is the lower part of a large stem of kelp that had been washed up - it looked as it was covered with transparent noodles. At first we assumed it was some sort of growth or type of seaweed. But they were moving! Some sort of parasite? Worms?!
If any one knows what this is, please leave a comment.

(All photos by Helen)

YUM! Dried Pears

(Photo by Helen)

These sweet dried pears were eaten at the top of Bailey's Kloof over Muizenberg, looking down at the blue ocean of False Bay.

Muizenberg: Bailey's Kloof and Peck's Valley

Date: 28 March 2009

Location: mountains above Muizenberg, in the eastern part of Silvermine.

Walkers: Claudia, Richard, Helen, Michele and Daisy, the dog

This walk starts off on Boyes Drive above Muizenberg.

The path heads straight up, steeply. The March lilies were in full bloom on the lower section.

(Photos by Helen)

To the right of the path, above us, was Muizenberg Peak.

(Photo by Michele)

And below us: the suburb of Muizenberg and its lovely long beach.

(Photo by Michele)

Above us to the left was St James's Peak. We followed the path along in this direction, below the peak.

(Photos by Michele)

It curved around and then headed up Bailey's Kloof. Muizenberg and False Bay looked further and further down as we climbed higher.

(Photo by Helen) (Photo by Richard)

There were a couple of eye-catching flowers growing in the kloof.

(Photos by Helen)

The path up was very steep!

(Photos by Michele)

But the views from the top were amazing!

(Photo by Michele)

Ahead of us Mimetes Valley opened up.

(Photos by Michele)

This was very easy walking, up here on the plateau.

(Photos by Michele)

And there was wonderful fynbos!

(Photos by Helen)

We saw several unusual and beautiful flowers.

(Photos by Helen) (Photo by Michele)

When we reached Nellie's Pool, we had a short rest.

(Photo by Michele)

The pool is full of frogs. They fascinated Claudia!

(Photo by Helen) (Photos by Michele)

As we walked further the western part of the Silvermine became visible.

(Photo by Michele)

We then circled round to the right towards Muizenberg Peak, until we found a route marker pointing us back down to Boyes Drive via Peck's Valley .

(Photos by Helen)

Stone steps lead to the start of the valley and then descended steeply.

(Photos by Helen) (Photo by Michele)