08 October 2010

Kirstenbosch: Riot of Colour

Date: 2 October 2010

Location: Kirstenbosch

Walker: Helen

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We're well into springtime now and I was curious about how Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden was doing. Spring annuals in full bloom of course!

So much prettiness...

Even though it was an overcast day the gardens were spectacular and loads of people were walking around enjoying the colourful displays and picnicking on the grassy lawns in large groups.

I took a turn past the new pavilion housing 'Untamed', the exhibition by sculptor Dylan Lewis and others. I particularly liked the green living wall circling the space.

It's Clivia time now! Clumps of the beautiful bush lilies were found in several shady parts of the garden. And there was a Clivia show happening in the exhibition space where potted plants with flowers in orange, peach and a beautiful buttery yellow were on display.

Also flowering now: Lachenalia. Some beautiful and unusual varieties were adding colour to the beds below the tearoom.

White watsonias sprays towered above the smaller plants.

As I headed up into the garden I passed beds of bright daisies.

Higher up I reached the fynbos beds.

This was a new one for me: a pincushion protea with perfect silver leaves!

Plenty of other pincushions were still putting on a show.

I made a point of looking for more Serrurias (my new favourite fynbos plant). Several different ones can be seen in the garden, particularly in the beds for rare and endangered plants. I can't get over how peculiar they are!

Never seen a Lobelia like this before. What a beauty!

Some erica too... I think it flowers throughout the year. Not sure what the red flower is as all... very unusual shape.

Looking closely at flowers means encountering the bees, bugs, ants, flies and other insects that do the work of pollinating. I'd like to learn more about these beasties.

As much as I love colour, it was nice to walk on into the wooded east side of the garden as I completed my walk. I find the cool greens so restful.

It was pleasing to see the ginkgo tree in new leaf (it was just a few months since I saw it in autumn colours). The seasons change so fast.


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Firefly the Travel Guy said...

Kirstenbosch is looking magnificent decked out in its Sunday best. Stunning. Wish I was there.