13 October 2010

Karoo Desert: The Shale Trail

3 October 2010

Location: Karoo Desert National Botanical Garden, near Worcester

Walkers: Michele and Helen

This is the second part of our visit to the Karoo Desert National Botanical Garden. Earlier in the day we'd explored the garden, and then sat down on the grassy lawns for a rest and a picnic.

After our lunch we set off on the Shale Trail, a short route around the hills surrounding the garden. The path snaked up the hill at a comfortable pace.

Near the top we spotted a cave.

We went to explore, crawling in and through the rocky shelter.

I was on the lookout for snakes, but all we saw this lizard tail. Little guy thought he was hiding!

Up top the hill we got panoramic views of the area.

Once on the other side of the hill we saw the Hex River Mountains.

We had to concentrate quite hard not to slip as we walked as the shale surface was loose and unstable. I should have had my walking stick.

It was fun to see several of the plants we'd seen in the botanical garden growing here on the slopes, in their natural habitat. Aloes and crassulas.

The rock formations were beautiful.

After a short way the path circled round back towards the garden.

There were nice views of the garden was we followed the zig-zag path down. There are a couple of other longer walks in these hills, but as we'd run out of time we called it a day. I look forward to another visit, perhaps next winter.


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Firefly the Travel Guy said...

Looks like a good idea to have had some extra time for this trail. It does have great views over Worcester, but I much rather prefer the views towards the mountains on the other side. Beautiful.