29 July 2009

Grey Day on the Promenade

Date: 29 July 2009

Location: Sea Point

Walkers: Helen and Delphi

**** Route plotted here ****

Other walks along the Promenade can be found here.

The bright sunshiney days we've been enjoying are over for a bit... more cold fronts are rolling in. We took a chance on a walk, luckily not getting rained on. But, boy, was it grey and gloomy.

This ox-wagon in the kiddies' playground always makes me smile.

Few folks were out and about. The beaches were empty.

The cloud were wonderful though. And after the sunset the grey was streaked with bands of pinky orange, like lava. I love a moody sky.

(Photos by Helen)

28 July 2009

Table Mountain: Lower Slopes

Date: 28 July 2009

Location: from Molteno Rd, Oranjezicht

Walkers: Dorothy & Helen

**** Route plotted here ****

The lower slopes of Table Mountain offer several options for short walks.

This afternoon we parked at the top of Molteno Rd and followed the track up onto the mountain, past the reservoir.

A family of guinea fowl trotted along in front of us.

After heading up towards the lower cable station we took a path to the left. We walked straight for a while, with great views of the eastern side of Table Mountain and Devil's Peak. Near Deer Park we took a road down the slope again, looking down to the city and harbour.

All along the path we saw plants in flower.

We ducked through the trees at the edge of Deer Park and made our way back along Rugby Rd.

(Photos by Helen)

26 July 2009

Dolphin Beach

Date: 26 July 2009

Location: Table View

Walkers: Michele & Helen

**** Route plotted here ****

We parked at the Dolphin Beach Hotel in Table View, took the board-walk down, then strolled towards Milnerton.

The views of Table Mountain from this coastline never fails to impress.

There were a lot of rocks and pebbles on the beach.

The low tide exposed an old wreck off the coast, covered in cormorants.

The dunes looked rather eroded, and several of the wooden access staircases in need of repair.

We walked quite far along the beach, almost to Woodbridge Island, then turned around and headed back, the winter sun surprisingly warm.

(Photos by Helen)

YUM! Hard-boiled Eggs

(Photo by Helen)

Mmmm, hard-boiled eggs are one of my favourite snacks. There is something very satisfying about peeling off the shells, dipping the egg in salt (which I take along in a twist of wax paper) and taking a bite! Even better when one if doing it in the sunshine from up top Silvermine.

25 July 2009

Silvermine: Amphitheatre & Elephant's Eye

Date: 25 July 2009

Location: Silvermine

Walkers: Tarryn, Paul, Summer, Michele and Helen

**** Route plotted here ****

Back to Silvermine! From the parking area up near the dam, we crossed the bridge and headed out along the road.

Instead of continuing along the road (and following the Noordhoek Peak route we've walked so often) we took a stepped path off to the right - the Amphitheatre Path.

We could see 'The Elephant' (Constantiaberg) across the valley.

It was an easy climb up the hill, with glimpses of views of False Bay as we got a little higher up.

Before long we reached the rocky cliffs at the top.

On our left: Chapman's Peak, with Kommetjie and Long Beach in the distance.

On our right: the Silvermine valley and dam below.

The Amphitheatre path lead along the top of the escarpment.

There were some unusual flowers on these slopes.

Edit: Thanks to this article I've now identified the pretty flower shown bottom right as Anaxeton leave. Delightful little pink bobble flowers!

The views were breathtaking!

After the path had circled round it began a gentle descent. We stopped for a quick snack, then followed the path until it rejoined the road.

While the others headed back down Michele and I took a track to the left, following the sign to Elephant's Eye cave.

From the lookout we could see down to Muizenberg Mountain.

Elephant's Eye cave was clearly visible a little way up the slope. We followed the zig-zag path to get up to it.

The slopes were covered with flowers. Ericas in every shade of pink!

The path flattened out and took us round to the cave entrance.

We were greeted by a carpet of gorgeous orange chasmanthe.

I just love these lilies. Their colour and form... spectacular!

The cave itself is pretty wonderful too.

Although not deep it is everything a cave should be: quiet, dark, damp.

After our explorations in the cave we made our way back down to the look-out point and picnicked in the sunshine.

We gazed down to Constantia, with the Back Table and Devil's Peak in the distance.

From here we headed down, passing a stand of pine trees and crossing over a stream, then following the track back own to the dam.

(Photos by Michele and Helen)