15 October 2010

Around Lion's Head Pipe Track

Date: 15 October 2010

Location: Lion's Head

Walkers: Helen, Dom and dogs Henry, Sharky & Malachy

*** Route plotted here ***

Previous walks along this route here and here.

Leaving Table Mountain behind us we set off to walk this circular route in an anti-clockwise direction. On the wayside along this first stretch we saw several tall watsonias flower spires, and lots of lemon-yellow moreas.

The chincherinchees were opening up nicely too.

From our route we got views to the harbour, and across the Lion's back.

As we walked along the west-facing contour we passed the large purple and white Otholobium hirtum shrubs. I remembered them in flower last year.

We hadn't done any climbing but Fresnaye looked a long way down!

It was still and sunny along this section, and pleasantly warm.

The dogs had a marvellous time galloping along, gang of three.

Pretty little Ixia scillaris was in flower here, soaking up the sun.

This is one of my favourite places, the lower slopes of this mountain; every time I walk here I wonder why I don't take this route more often. It's an easy walk but long enough to feel as if one's got a fair bit of exercise, with varied scenery and breathtaking views!



Coco said...

This is a lovely walk. We did it too - recently. It would be fun to bump into you and your dogs one day!

Helen said...

Hi Coco! I'll definitely say hi if I see you and your brother (and your humans) on the mountain.