17 December 2012

Franschhoek Open Gardens - Part II

Date: 28 October 2012

Location: Franschhoek

Walkers: Jenny, Iain and Helen

See also: Part I.

Our next stop on our tour of the open gardens of Franschhoek was La Rive.

This property was immediately appealing, with its thatched buildings, serene swimming pool and curving beds spilling over with white, purple and pink flowers. So, so pretty!

Pansies! A favourite of mine...

Oooh, and irises too.

And other garden plants I do not know. Attractive colours on this one.

This is a big garden. A couple of steps lead to the upper garden, where an Erythrina tree provided a pop of orangey-red in contrast to the pastel shades in most of the flower beds.

Beyond we came to a charming series of pergolas. Sleeper stepping stones allow one to walk through the bed to see the view it from the other side.

Our next stop was a small garden in a suburban street of the town. Lots of bright colour in this one.

Cinerarias and pelargoniums.

We headed across town to another smallish garden in a residential street.

Nice lawns, shrubs and flowers in pots, with the most amazing views of the surrounding mountains too.

Flowering creepers on the arched pergola.

The outside beds really complimented the attractive thatched cottage.

Next stop: Franschhoek Manor. We walked through the white gates...

... to the gracious guesthouse, with its blue swimming pools and formal gardens. Lovely peaceful place to spend some time.

Last few gardens to follow. See also Park III.

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