09 December 2012

Franschhoek Open Gardens - Part I

Date: 28 October 2012

Location: Franschhoek

Walkers: Jenny, Iain and Helen

The little town of Franschhoek is an hour's drive from Cape Town. This was my first visit to their Open Gardens. Our first stop was the Town Hall to get tickets, and then we set off on foot to see a couple of gardens in nearby van Wijk Street.

Garden No.3 had an enormous Erythrina tree in the front yard. I liked the flower-filled wine barrels underneath it too.

Behind the house is a garden with a swimming pool, colourful beds, lots of fragrant honeysuckle and a rose-covered pergola.

There was also a newly planted extension to the garden. I loved the colour combinations in these beds.

Garden No.2 was a short distance away. A rather formal garden...

... with such lovely pretty flowers!

Our next stop was Garden No. 4, on the edge of town. It belongs to well-known garden architect Henk Scholtz.

It has a lovely green lawn and stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

This garden was also full of interesting sculptures and other design details.

More gardens to follow! See Part II and Part III


woodfirer said...

Enjoying these from snow-covered Denmark! Looking forward to next installment.

Firefly the Travel Guy said...

I wish they would do this kind of thing here in PE as well.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Almost as nice as being able to go there too!