17 December 2012

Franschhoek Open Gardens - Part III

Date: 28 October 2012

Location: Franschhoek

Walkers: Jenny, Iain and Helen

See also: Part I and Part II.

The last few gardens on our tour were out of town.

Our first stop, out on the Excelsior Road, was Sandstone House, a fairly new and rather grand and formal house and garden.

This garden had lush green lawns and a couple of ponds.

There was a fynbos section near the tennis court.

I really liked the koi fish...

... and the roses.

Our next garden was nearby Bergsig, a farm garden. We walked through an orchard to get to it.

The classic farm homestead had a super wide veranda and, like the property's name suggests, a mountain view.

The garden itself was interesting, with several decorative items in the beds. I particularly like the colour combinations and the beautiful trees.

Our last stop was Klein Champagne on the Robertsvlei Road. We walked past the grape vines and roses, and then alongside the river, to get to the main house.

I liked the cheerful window boxes in the swimming pool area.

And the pots of succulents on an outside table.

The main feature of the garden was a large lake in front of the house. I took a pleasant meander around the water, especially enjoying all the brilliant yellow irises. A fine end to a great day of garden viewing!


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