02 December 2012

Ou Kraal Boyes Drive Circle

Date: 7 October 2012

Silvermine East, above St James, from Boyes Drive

: Dorothy and Helen

*** Route plotted here ***

For other walks up the Ou Kraal path see the archive here.

The weather looks rather threatening so we picked a short and easy walk up Ou Kraal and crossed fingers the rain would hold off.


Flowers spotted on the way up: Satyrium odorum, an orchid.

And another one, common bonnet orchid, Pterygodium catholicum.

Climbing Cyphia volubilis.

And another variety, Cyphia bulbosa.

Little blue Aristea africana

At the top we turned left and walked down to the next valley and then back down towards Boyes Drive. The little stream was flowing strongly...


... as was the waterfall at the bottom.

We hurried back along Boyes Drive, reaching the car just as it started to rain!

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Diana Studer said...

Have you stopped hiking? Or no time to blog?