24 April 2012

Exploring Anysberg

Date: 12 April 2012

Location: Anysberg Nature Reserve

Walkers: Dorothy, Michele, Brenda & Helen

Anysberg Map (.pdf 1.6MB)

The last hour of my journey to Anysberg was in the dark, so I was up early the following morning to see what the place looked like. From our little cottage we looked east to the Swartberg in the distance.

We were in a wide flat valley. Looking north-east we could see the reserve office and camp site a short distance away, with the hills of the Matjiesgoedberg behind.

And south of us: the Anysberg itself, a long ridge with deep kloofs.

We set off to do some exploring beyond the accommodation compound.

There are four cottages grouped together, and a fifth near the office.

And that is pretty much all there is in the Anysberg. Apart from lots and lots of fresh air, big skies, wide open space and peaceful silence.

One rough dirt road runs through the reserve, from the Montagu/Touws River side to the Laingsberg/Ladismith side.

And there is another wonderful attraction near the office - a reservoir swimming pool. It has a spacious wooden deck and some shade, and the water is fresh sweet mountain water. A fantastic spot to relax.

The view back to the cottages.

Another thing you'll see in the reserve is horses. When not being used for the two-day horse trail the ponies roam free. We saw several munching on the grass at the edge of the camp site.

We decided to walk on to the dam, following the road north.

The vegetation is an interesting mix of fynbos and desert plants.

Thorn bushes, succulents and reeds.

Our route took us below the dam wall.

Here the bush was a bit thicker. Thick and scratchy.

At the end of the road we climbed up onto the dam wall.

The water level in the dam was very low indeed now. Winter rain needed!

As we walked along I enjoyed the sound of the wind in the reeds.

There are actually several dams in a row, all of them low.

But very scenic nevertheless, with the mountain backdrop.

And we saw more horses too. They were eating the pond weed.

There is a wooden jetty, a couple of meters above the current water level. One is meant to be able to kayak on these dams, but not now. Instead we sat on the jetty and had a little picnic.

And watched the amazing cloud. This one looked like an atomic explosion.

More pretty skies on the way back.

But the weather was definitely changing. Dorothy and I braved a swim - freezing cold but wonderfully refreshing - just in time before the wind strengthened and the rain clouds gathered.


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Firefly the Travel Guy said...

Real Karoo landscapes and vegetation. Beautiful in its own way.