30 April 2012

Anysberg: Landsekloof

Date: 13 April 2012

Location: Anysberg Nature Reserve

Walkers: Dorothy, Michele, Brenda & Helen

Anysberg Map (.pdf 1.6MB)

Our second day at Anysberg was clear and sunny, and we set off after breakfast for a walk to Landeskloof. We had a signboard to point us in the right direction and a sandy road to follow, along the plateau towards the Anysberg ridge.

We paused along the way to watch a herd of shy hartebees pass by in the distance. Well camouflaged!

And we saw few flowers: this one is chironia I think.

Quite a lot of this tiny pink erica.

This is also a fynbos plant. Some sort of leucadendron perhaps?

Slowly but surely we got closer to the mountain. The road swung round so that we approached the kloof straight on. It was really quite exciting!

The road ended in a small parking area (the road is rough, suitable for 4x4s only) and a footpath continued on into the kloof itself.

It was easy walking. And the rocky scenery was spectacular.

A citronella pelargonium was growing everywhere, scenting the air with its lovely fragrance. When we rubbed the leaves it was quite overpowering.

Deep into the kloof there were rocks and ferns...

... and a gorgeous stream!

We sat near at the water's edge for a while. It was so peaceful. The sun came out. We filled our water bottles from the steam: the water cold, crystal-clear and sweet... delicious!

Red cliffs above us. Up there were some baboons barking their dissatisfaction at having us in their kloof.

Little insects playing on the surface of the water, enchanting us with their dance. Sudden bursts of frantic activity.

After a rest and some snacks we headed back along the same route.

Other flora spotted in the kloof: this one, identity unknown.

Lovely oxalis.

A crassula of some sort?

Twirly creeper all over the daisies.

Succulents thrive in the arid environment.

Aloes too.

Also happy in the sand was this unusual flower. Perhaps a nerine?

So delicate and pretty.

And we found a single remaining flower on the ubiquitous citronella pelargonium.

We left the kloof behind us and headed back along the road. It was rather a trudge in the hot sun.

We passed an unfortunate dead hartebees. Gory but somewhat fascinating.

Spectacular view up the valley.

And then back to the reservoir for a swim.


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