29 April 2012

Anysberg: Back to the Dams

Date: 12 April 2012

Location: Anysberg Nature Reserve

Walkers: Dorothy, Michele, Brenda & Helen

Anysberg Map (.pdf 1.6MB)

After our morning walk we lunched, read and napped. Several showers of rain came down, but by late afternoon the rain had abated, and we ventured out once more. A walk back to the dams.

On the way we detoured to the small graveyard.

The yellows and greys and greens of the vegetation were so soft and easy on the eye. I know the knitters in my family would love to combine these shades in a jersey.

The greys and blues above were beautiful too.

This time we took the route signposted to "Rooidamme", a rather overgrown short cut to the dams.

It was lovely at the dams... extremely quiet and peaceful. But the wind got up and blew some more rain in, so we hurried back.

But it soon cleared away and the sunset was gorgeous.


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Firefly the Travel Guy said...

I love to discover and explore old graveyards like the one you saw. There is always something interesting to see.