06 January 2011

Biodiversity Garden at Green Point Park

Date: 4 January 2011

Location: Green Point

Walkers: Claudia, Dorothy & Helen

For info about this garden look here.

Last year, while Cape Town Stadium was being completed, work began on Green Point Park, the new urban green-space adjoining the stadium, golf course and Mouille Point. On my visits in May and August I could see they were planning a planted garden within the park. It all looked very interesting and work was happening fast and furious. In September the park was closed to the public as construction and planting continued (although I followed progress reports on this blog). The garden was finally opened towards the end of December but this was my opportunity to visit.

We went in at the west entrance and walked up the wide paved path. To our left was the body of water lying between the park and the golf course and stadium. Seagulls have made this their home and there was much happy shrieking from the birds.

The park was on our right, with more canal and dams. I find water features in a garden very pleasing. A mountain backdrop doesn't hurt either - Signal Hill and Lion's Head lie beyond. Signal Hill was looking grey-brown after the fires that burnt the slopes about a week ago. Poor old hill!

We strolled around onto the lawns. It was a very hot day and I thought how lovely it will be when all these newly planted trees grow tall and provide some shade. The occasional sea breeze we felt was extremely welcome.

After circling round it we now made our way to the Biodiversity Garden. There are three different areas to explore: the wetlands section, the people and plants section and the main discovering biodiversity section. We started in the main section, where there are many information boards explaining all about biodiversity. Very educational!

One of the focal points in this area is the khoikhoi huts and fire circle.

Dorothy and Claudia took shelter from the hot sun for a few minutes.

Then we spotted a caracal!

Animals sculptures are dotted around the garden. Aren't they delightful?

There are also beautiful beaded beasties here and there. How fun.

My favourite of all were the colourful leaping fish.

The beds are looking good too, considering they were planted only a couple of months ago. Some beds are thriving, and others not as much. In general though the new garden is doing well and I'm really keen to watch it grow and get established over the new few years.

It is evident that a huge amount of planning, effort and love has gone into the garden. I particularly like the signage - all very informative, and also done with a sense of humour - and I look forward to visiting the garden again and read the boards more carefully (on this visit it was too hot for my brain to take in any information). This garden is a perfect place to bring children and tourists and anyone interested in the environment.

The only thing that disappointed me was that there were so few other people around, although perhaps that had to do with the very hot weather.

The park has a lot of amenities: water points, picnic tables, shaded benches. I like the clean modern lines and the use of natural materials like stone and wood in the design. There were security guards wandering around so we felt quite safe in the garden too. This is a big plus - I'd feel quite happy walking on my own here.

The wetlands garden was my favourite area - I love the vegetation. The wooden decks are great - being beside water is calming and cooling. I can see this garden is going to become one of my favourite places!



Susan said...

Definitely a place to re-visit.
Especially loved the animal sculptures!

Val said...

I didn't know the garden had opened yet, so it was a delight to see your beautiful pictures and descriptions. The camera and I are planning a trip as soon as possible.

Firefly the Travel Guy said...

I didn't know they were developing something, but it looks stunning. I'm sure it will become a highlight for both Cape Townians as well as visitors in the near future.

Reggie said...

I had only seen the park when it was still under construction - I'd heard from friends that it had been opened. How AWESOME! You've captured such cute pictures! You're right, it's the perfect place to bring kids. We're definitely going to explore this new treasure trove.

beaded animals said...

Loved it! The beaded animals are so cute!

Diana Studer said...

only now in March 2013 can I tick this off my bucket list. We saw LOTS of people enjoying the park. Including at least 3 classes of schoolchildren.