06 August 2010

Back to Green Point Park

Date: 3 August 2010

Location: Green Point

Walkers: Helen & Delphi

Our first visit to this park here.

Delphi and I decided to take another walk around this new urban park we'd explored a bit in mid-May. We wanted to see how its development was progressing. The plantings near the transport hub were looking happy.

We strolled on to the park. Alongside the main thoroughfare the plants still look newly planted. We saw the extensive irrigation pipes which will keep the garden going through the hot dry summer.

This central walkway still isn't open all the way through to Mouille Point. Access to the part of the garden still being developed is through a gap in the temporary barricades.

Here we found the new Biodiversity Garden. The paths are there and the signage is up... there is a Discovery Walk and a Wetland Walk.

Many plants have been planted already and workers are still busy on the scene planting the ones laid out in bags (and it looks like they're going to be busy for a couple more months). Literally hundreds of plants are making up the new garden. If they all thrive the beds are going to be lush and lovely!

Not sure yet what the round reed huts are all about though :-)

There are several bodies of water, which makes for a very serene atmosphere. The main bridge looks close to completion.

There's also a large central green, surrounded by a circular walkway. Here water points are being installed, and there are stone benches with wooden canopies above. Also, a new building which looks like it might be for loos, or perhaps a tea-room? That would be nice!

We found an information point with a map of the whole precinct.

After a good look-around we walked along Bay Road and back past the stadium. We were curious about the large whole in the side of the great structure. There was a large crane and lots of noisy work being carried out although it was not clear what the problem was.

Update: I just found the interesting Biodiversity Blog all about the new garden.


Rafa said...

They use that gap to removed the temporary seats for the World Cup and close it up after that.

Helen said...

Of course. That makes sense. Thanks Rafa.