05 March 2009

Kogelberg: Palmiet River Trail

Date: 1 March 2009

Location: Kogelberg Nature Reserve

Walkers: Dephi, Marilie, Michele, Helen & Ian

(Photo by Michele)

Leaving the reserve's office building, the ubiquitous cyclists and all signs of civilization behind us we headed out on the trail alongside the Palmiet River, in the valley between the mountains of the Kogelberg.

(Photos by Michele)

This path took us through some thick fynbos, and into the wilderness.

(Photo by Delphi)

Before long we had our first glimpses of the river.

(Photo by Michele) (Photo by Helen)

The surrounding peaks looked lovely in the morning light.

(Photo by Helen) (Photo by Delphi)

But our attention kept being drawn back to that gorgeous river.

(Photo by Delphi)

As we moved up the valley the Palmiet ribboned out in front and behind us.

(Photos by Michele)

We plodded on in the hot, hot sun. It was actually very easy walking, mostly along the level, but it was indeed turning out to be a very warm day. We were already looking forward to reaching the swimming spot!

(Photos by Michele)

There was plenty to stop and look at en route. Kogelberg is known for its pristine and varied fynbos. There was a lot in flower for this time of year.

(Photos by Michele) (Photos by Delphi) (Photo by Helen)

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At last we came to The Beach. This is probably my favourite swimming place in the whole wide world.

(Photos by Michele)

It is very surprising to find a beach with beautiful white sand so far up a freshwater river.

(Photos by Michele)

We swam of course, and the water was heavenly... cool and refreshing. And after our swim, we picnicked, and rested in the shade of a yellowwood tree over the hottest part of the day.

(Photos by Michele)

After our rest and another dip we began our meander back along the path.

(Photos by Helen)

After a bit we came to a spot that was perfect... for another swim!

(Photos by Michele)

Here are the two sibling pairs enjoying the water.

(Photos by Michele)

Soon we could see the reserve's office in the distance. Our walk was over.

(Photos by Michele)

What a splendid day out. As the sun slipped behind the mountain we said goodbye to the Kogelberg. See you again soon!

(Photo by Michele)


Michele Beechey said...

This last pic is one of my favorites!!

Dot said...

Looks fantastic - wish I had been there

Helen said...

We missed you! Will have to plan another trip out there, maybe a longer walk in cooler weather. What I wouldn't do for a swim in that river right now!!

Steffi said...

Wow...fantastic pictures.I like especially the pics of the flowers and plants.Nice colors!

GG said...

Hi Helen,

How do we get to this lovely trail, road directions will be appreciated, we are from Strand.

Helen said...

Hi CG, you take the coast road and turn off just after Betty's Bay. Check out the CapeNature website for more details and other info about the reserve.

André said...

Thanks Helen for a Great Blog. I use your blog to try out new hiking trails. If you could please also give some sort of directions to the places, it will be much appreciated. I simply love your photo's of the various flowers and together with the names of each, I am also starting to learn to know the flowers by name. Thanks Again

zaheer said...

hi there,

this hike looks lovely.

We have some novices. what is the difficulty levels associated with this hike?
how long did it take.