24 August 2011

Knysna: Jubilee Creek & Millwood

Date: 9 August 2011

Location: Goudveld Forest, near Knysna

Walkers: Dorothy, Vanessa & Helen

I regularly read the blog Firefly Photo Files and when Jubilee Creek and Millwood mining town were featured there recently I decided I must try to visit these places on my next trip to the garden route.

It took a while to get there from Plett. We set off in the afternoon, driving through Knysna, and then turning inland at the sign to Millwood. It was quite a long drive up to the entrance to Gouveld Forest and then a few more kilometres of twisty roads deep into the forest to reach Jubilee Creek. What a lovely tranquil spot! There were grassy lawns and wooden tables and chairs for picnicking, and a delightful bubbling stream.

There is a short (3.6km out-and-back) walk, clearly signposted, which we thought we'd try.

It was so peaceful and quiet in the indigenous forest.

We saw all the usual sort of foresty things: mossy logs and ferns and fungi.

Unfortunately the stream was flowing very strongly and we realised it was going to be tricky to cross without taking our shoes off. Too cold for that! So we didn't complete the full walk which apparently leads to a pond that is good for swimming in warmer weather. Instead we followed the road in the other direction and explored the picnic area extension.

Lots of shady green picnic areas! I'd love to come back here in the summer and spend the day paddling in the river and snoozing under the trees.

Back in our cars we made our way to Millwood, a few kilometres away.

Logging was in full swing and we had to wait for a tractor to clear the road for us so that we could pass.

We were very happy indeed to find the little tea shop was open. Nothing like a nice cup of tea (and cake!). After refreshments we had a look around the little museum. Millwood mining town sprung up when there was a gold rush in the area in the 1880s.

Not much to see there now through. We meandered about a bit (although we didn't get as far as the remains of the old mines).

On the way drive back we stopped off at the spot called Krisjan-se-Nek to see author Dalene Matthee's memorial.

And an impressive big tree. There were also some short walking trails from this spot. Although we'd had a lovely afternoon I wish we'd allowed a little more time to explore. Next visit!


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Firefly the Travel Guy said...

It truly is a beautiful and magical area. I didn't get to do the trail cause we had the kids with us and I still wanted to go and see a couple of other places when we were there, but perhaps if we decided to return to Knysna next year I will do so.