07 November 2010

Stellenberg Open Garden

Date: 6 November 2010

Location: Stellenberg in Kenilworth in the Southern Suburbs

Walkers: Helen and Brenda

Stellenberg in upper Kenilworth is a gracious 18th century Cape Dutch manor house. For one weekend a year its large, well-established and beautiful garden is open to the public and it is a must-see for any garden enthusiast. It's famous for having various "garden rooms" done in different styles and showcasing a wide variety of plants.

It was a lovely sunny afternoon when we visited. We didn't purchase the map/info brochure (which I rather regret now as I'd like to know more about the garden's history and development). Instead we wandered around at random, starting off at the white garden.

White flowers against the green lawns, foliage and box hedges create a very soft and tranquil space. Here, and elsewhere in the garden, we saw chairs and benches of various types encouraging visitors to rest, linger and enjoy.

We meandered across to the shade garden, following a path through the leafy undergrowth. How cool and peaceful it was here!

I particularly liked the soft creeping shrub with small yellow flowers spilling out of the pot, a delightful focal point. There were also yellow irises...

... and gorgeous orange day lilies.

We walked on the orchard. I'm not sure what fruit trees these were, perhaps cherry? They were covered with white, cream or pink blossom. These were Brenda's favourite; she took lots of pics! I loved the star jasmine creeper on the walls. I've recently planted the same in my own garden and can only hope that one day it covers the walls and fills the air with sweet scent in the same way it does here. It is delicious!

And blossom is pretty... so very pretty.

Onwards through more formal areas of the garden. Water features...

... ornamental sculpture, arch-ways and stone benches.

The flowers we saw along here included hydrangea.

Tradescantia, or spiderwort.

And creeping geranium.

We had now reached the walled garden. Judging by the number of people this was the most popular section! Here we saw many unusual plants.

(click to enlarge on these and all other pics)

Campanula, or bell-flower.

Centuarea, or mountain cornflower.

Lonica, or honeysuckle.

And of course, roses!

To reach the next garden we skirted past the little pond, up the stairs and through the gate, but not before pausing to look at the dark purple irises in the water. Gorgeous!

More purple flowers awaited in the next garden, including heliotropes in different shades, a yesterday-today-and-tomorrow and several others.

This was the pool garden. Aah, what an inviting swimming pool.

A large trumpet creeper covered one wall. These flowers are strange!

Next stop: the sunny herb garden. I particularly liked the garlic chives growing in pots, and the rows of lavender.

All the details here were perfect. There were even butterflies ;-)

The main beds were filled many herbs, all the common ones...

... and some unusual ones, like this borage.

After the herbs it was off to the vegetable garden.

Early in the season and already an impressive variety of veggies growing.

Also, rows of bright flowers, I presumed for cutting.

Such bright display!

This attractive detail on the walkway caught my eye.

And our final stop was the tea garden for some delicious refreshments.

If you get a chance to visit Stellenberg next year, do go. It is very special.


Susan said...

Hello Helen, I've been following your blog for a little while now. Thoroughly enjoyed your walk, so just wanted to let you know and to thank you.

The herb and vegie gardens especially appealed, in addition to all the details you capture, such as the one in the walkway.

Cheers, Susan

Firefly the Travel Guy said...

Now that is what I call a garden. Stunning. But to maintain that kind of garden you probably need a full time team of gardeners. I can only wish.

Brenda said...

Hi Helen...wow the photos look so impressive. Thanks for a great afternoon! Brenda

Anonymous said...

We went there on Saturday, what a treat for all gardeners.We apoke to Sandy Ovenstone who told us she has 4 gardeners to assist her! I thought there would be many more, as there is so much to take care of, all those hedges, which she said we cut every 3 weeks! And what a lovely person she is, as exquisite as her lovely flower. Jenny