26 September 2010

Caledon Wild Flower Garden

Date: 19 September 2010

Location: Wild Flower Garden at Caledon

Walkers: Dorothy & Helen

On our drive home from De Mond we went through the town of Caledon. I suggested we stop at the Caledon Wild Flower Garden... I'd been there many years ago, but wasn't sure if it was still open. It is not one of the SANBI gardens, nor is it part of CapeNature or SANParks. There is hardly any info about it it on the web (short mention here) so I'm not sure who owns and runs it, or what its history is. But, yes, the garden is still there (just off the N2) and it was open, even though we seemed to be the only visitors when we arrived midday on a sunny Sunday.

As we walked in we passed a dam on our right and headed up towards the fields of bright daisies that caught our eye up to the left ahead.

That is, until we saw a large troop of baboons! We thought we'd rather stay clear of them so kept right and stuck to the main path.

This led to a small rocky kloof, with lots of aloes.

Although it looked like the path goes on for quite a way (perhaps all the way up the mountain?) we circled round via a bridge and walked back to the east part of the central garden.

So many flowers to look at!

There were many aloes and succulents.

I can't see this plant with the red flowers, christ thorn I think it's called, without remembering a childhood incident when I fell into a bed of them. Thorns! And lots of crying!

The garden has a extensive network of path, in all directions.

We wandered around at random, loving all the colours.

Every shade represented!

This mature Erythrina caffra tree was truly magnificent!

There are shaded rest spots dotted around the garden and dam.

Once we'd ambled around below we headed back to the daisy fields. From here we could see down into Caledon.

In the other direction: the surrounding hills overlooking the garden. One day I'd like to do some exploring up there.

This garden had daisies in yellows, whites, pinks and blues...

... but mostly ORANGE!

When we'd had our fill we walked to the exit, encountered the baboons again en route. Unlike their Cape Point cousins these ones were scared of people and scampered off. Phew!

Caledon Wild Flower garden is lovely and well worth a visit, especially this time of year.


Parag said...

These pictures are so beautiful and refreshing. Walking in the garden of such caliber is indeed unforgettable.

Helen said...

Thanks for the link to that interesting article. What is says is so true for me!

Parag said...

Thanks Helen for looking in to my post. Glad that you liked it.

Marlin said...

This is a truly fantastic post! I especially appreciated the section on the photograph.thanks for awesome views .

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