27 December 2009

Table View Beach

Date: 27 December 2009

Location: Table View

Walkers: Helen & Michele

We went down to the beach on Sunday afternoon, leaving our car on Marine Drive and making our way down to the sand.

The landscape - or should that be the seascape? - is dominated by the wreck of Seli 1. This coal carrying vessel ran aground here early in September and appears to have been abandoned.

Despite the eyesore of this wreck this is a lovely beach, with wide expanses of white sand. It is not often nice for swimming though, as the Atlantic is usually cold and a bit rough.

The wind was blowing rather strongly and the kite-surfers were out.

I love watching these guys: all the getting-ready on the shore...

... and all the activity on the water!

There were plenty of other spectators and photographers on the beach.

On second thoughts, the wreck makes a great backdrop to the action!

(Photos by Helen)

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