01 March 2011

Newlands: Wonderful Woodcutter's

Date: 27 February 2011

Location: Newlands Forest

Walkers: Helen & Michele

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Another walk in Newlands Forest was long overdue so Michele and I decided on our old favourite the Woodcutter's Trail for our Sunday morning amble. We weren't the only people with this idea... the parking lot was full!

We headed up the main entrance, and along 'dog poo lane' (wouldn't have to call it that if all dog owners followed instructions of the lower sign eh?). We took a left past the bridge, heading straight up the hill.

It was a steady pleasant climb. Once past the pines we continued on into the indigenous forest and joined Woodcutters. This route meanders through the forest, over rocks and past streams, amongst the beautiful trees. I'd forgotten how gorgeous it is in the forest: quiet and green and calm. Very good for the soul.

There's something appealing about old logs in a forest... moss, lichen, very slow decay. I always stop at this one.

It wasn't long til we popped up out of the forest and back into the hot sun. We followed the road down the hill.

The silvertrees are growing well on this slope.

And once again through the pines. It was so much cooler and less humid here than in the indigenous forest. Nice! Wasn't long til we were back at the car and ready to head home for a cup of tea. What a good walk this is... I must do it more often!



Firefly the Travel Guy said...

This trail looks like it offers lots of shade on a hot day

Anonymous said...

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