01 March 2011

Sea Point Prom 2011 - Walk 4

1 March 2011

Location: Sea Point

Walker: Helen & Vanessa

Archive of all Prom walks here.

We've been having another heat wave in Cape Town, temperatures around 38C for the last few days. Horrid! When Vanessa suggested a walk on the Prom I wasn't at all sure about it, but what a good idea it turned out to be. There was a heavenly cool breeze blowing.

The prom was unusually quiet, but as expected, many people were enjoying the swimming pool.

We had a short walk but did lots of chatting. I'm pleased Vanessa has resolved to get fit and take regular walks here - if I can join her I'll find it easier to motivate myself to get here every single week. That's the plan!



Firefly said...

I went for a walk along our promonade yesterday in the heat as well. One has to excersise come rain (well, ok, I won't go when it's raining) or shine

Nazarina A said...

What a beautiful blog you have & such a breath of fresh air!
I was born in Cape Town but emigrated to the USA a long time ago! I am glad I landed here, so now I can do some "catch" up if you will for lack of a better word!

"Ek kan nog altyd n' bietjie Afrikaans praat....ek moet se dat ek nou baie hiedie plek mis toe ek al jou mooi fotos sien!