10 September 2009

Newlands: Woodcutter's Trail

Date: 29 August 2009

Location: Newlands Forest

Walkers: Dorothy & Helen

I've written about this route before here, but instead of following the road to get up to Woodcutters, this time Dorothy and I took the path alongside the river.

This is the more direct route. I like the quiet along along this path, and walking over the tree roots ~ nature's steps!

The waterfall was flowing strongly. This is a good place to fill one's water-bottle with fresh mountain water. Yum!

We continued up, along the wooden board-walk section, across the river and up the steps to reach the Woodcutters Trail. This path meanders across the hillside, through beautiful indigenous forest.

The route down leads from the indigenous forest back to the pines.

Along the road we saw snow drops, arum lilies and podalyria in flower.

Here at Newlands, as well as elsewhere on the mountain, one finds these rather curious wooden fire-extinguishers attached to trees. As you see they carry a 'help stop fires' message. Nice to see important information being communicated in such an eye-catching and humorous way.

(Photos by Helen)

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