04 January 2010

Newlands: Woodcutter's Trail again

Date: 2 January 2010

Location: Newlands Forest

Walkers: Claudia & Helen

For all the (many) walks we've done in Newlands Forest, look at the archive here.

First outing of the new year! Claudia and I met at for a lunchtime walk. From the main access road we took the path to the left of the stream, heading up.

The sunshine was very bright at this time of day - such a contrast to the lovely cool dark shade under the trees.

After a short climb we made our way onto the Woodcutter's Trail through the indigenous bush beyond the pines. It is always a treat to be in the quiet and soothing forest. While we walked we had a good chat about our resolutions and plans for the new year.

At the end of the trail we followed the road down into the pine plantation.

And then past the waiting fire-fighting helicopters, back to the cars.

(Photos by Helen)

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