28 March 2011

Spier Wine Estate

Date: 19 March 2011

Location: Spier Wine Estate near Stellenbosch

Walker: Helen

At Spier for the weekend for a work conference, I found myself with a little free time late one afternoon (my colleagues were doing wine tasting or watching rugby, neither of which interest me). I opted instead for a stroll around the estate, more of less following their Heritage Walk.

Setting off from the manicured gardens of the hotel complex I followed the path to the river and crossed the bridge to the far side.

From here there was a lovely view of the Stellenbosch mountains.

I meandered through the newly planted protea garden.

There was not an awful lot to see here now but in a couple of years, and in the right season, this garden will be gorgeous.

I took another bridge back across the river. So pretty and peaceful.

Then onto the lake, which was still bathed in sunshine.

Next I strolled past some Spier's other sights and attractions: the historic homestead, the wine cellar, the slave bell, assorted different restaurants, the conservation outreach section, the craft market...

And lastly back to the hotel village. Spier is certainly a pleasant place to while away an hour or two!



Firefly said...

I haven't been to Spier in years. Used to stop there with tour groups for wine tasting. I'm probably one of the only people who think Moyo's doesn't fit in there.

Helen said...

I agree with you! We had a meal there, it was a bit disappointing.

Marina said...

Hi Helen - lovely photo's! I've shared your post through our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/spierwinefarm


Helen said...

Cool, thanks Marina!