29 March 2011

Windy Woodbridge Island

Date: 26 March 2011

Location: Milnerton Beach from Woodbridge Island

Walkers: Michele & Helen

Previous walk on this beach here.

Both desperately in need of a leg-stretch, Michele and I met up at Woodbridge Island for a stroll along Milnerton Beach. It was a sunny afternoon but there a bit of a breeze about and the water was choppy.

We walked up the beach direction Table View, soon leaving the lifesavers' club and the lighthouse behind us.

The sea was looking very clean and was a pleasant (not too cold) temperature, so we walked barefoot, paddling in the shallows.

The wind became stronger until sand was blowing across the beach and stinging our legs. We turned around and walked back straight into the wind. Phew, it was very bracing!

I was loving the way the sand was being blown over the rocks and seaweed on the beach, making patterns. Nature's abstract art...



Unknown said...

Looking at those last few pictures you can realy see how the wind was blowing. Not the nicest conditions to walk on the beach in.

Anonymous said...

Very happy I found your site. Will note it and return for more info.