26 March 2011

YUM! Toffees

Mmm, Werther's Original toffees are delicious. I put a handful in my pocket and ate every time we stopped on Day Five of the Whale Trail.


Firefly said...

I don't think they would have lasted very long if I had them in my pocket.

Coco said...

We have really enjoyed reading about your trail and are rather jealous. Your cat must be glad that it is nearly over.

Helen said...

Firefly, hehe, they got scoffed pretty quickly dont you worry :)

Coco, thanks! I know your humans would love to do the trail (if they haven't done so already). My cats were both happy to see me again I think (it's not always easy to tell with cats). I know Tom was very happy to see my backpack - he thought it smelt very interesting and immediately sat on it. I'm embarrassed to admit it is *still* lying on the floor and Tom continues to snooze on it day and night.