14 December 2009

Devil's Peak Lower Slopes, Again

14 December 2009

Location: Devil's Peak from the top of Vredehoek

Walkers: Helen, Claudia & Richard, with Dais
y and Roxy

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Due to a hectic work schedule, not feeling very well and some extreme weather (first hot, then windy) I haven't been walking for ages. I've missed it so much! So when the opportunity for a short meander on the lower slopes of Devil's Peak presented itself, I jumped at the chance to get out.

We set off below the quarry, and walked slowly along the road in the direction Woodstock. We then took a right and looped around to make a short circle. An easy walk on a warm and calm later afternoon.

The views of the east part of town are good... down to the harbour and back to the city centre.

And several fighter planes flew overhead. Whoosh!

(Photos by Helen)

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