21 December 2009

Vermaaklikheid: Hill Circuit Clockwise

Date: 17 December 2009

Location: Vermaaklikheid

Walkers: Helen, Dom and dogs Henry & Sharkey

**** Route plotted here ****

Dom and I set off along the road towards the river. Our plan was to do a circular route: follow the road to the right alongside the river to his plot of land at the end, and then head up, cross over the ridge and then walk back down the valley to the cottage we were staying in.

On the first stretch to our right we could see the cows in the field, and, in the distance, houses on the hillside in the village proper.

We meandered along the road until we got to the end. His property here now has a new signboard and a tap with water!

It is a lovely setting with beautiful views up and down the river.

From here we walked up the hill. From the crest we could see down into the next valley, and beyond.

There were some interesting flowers and plants along the wayside.

The path down the hill used to pass directly in front of these cottages but has now been re-routed below them. It joins the road further down the valley.

Alongside the road there were growing agave and some very prickly weeds with surprisingly beautiful soft yellow flowers.

From the road we looked back up to the ridge. The sky was streaked with high level clouds, a sure sign that a front was coming in. There was a bit of rain later that night.

(Photos by Helen)

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