05 May 2009

Devil's Peak: Quarry to Cannons

Date: 2 May 2009

Location: Lower slopes of Devil's Peak, from Vredehoek

: Delphi and Helen

**** Route plotted here ****

Setting off from the top of Derry Street in Vredehoek, we walked up onto the lower slopes of Devil's Peak. Most of the mountain was still black and and burnt from the terrible fire in March - such a contrast to the green of the slopes that did not burn.

We passed the old abandoned quarry. What an eyesore.

The jeep track zig-zagged up the slope, through forests of black protea bushes. The burnt smell was still very strong. We found it both rather creepy and strangely beautiful.

We climbed up some log steps to reach the old cannons, just below Tafelberg Road. From here we watched the sun set and the mist roll in.

(All photos by Helen)

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