21 December 2009

Vermaaklikheid: Stroll to the Shop

Date: 18 December 2009

Location: Vermaaklikheid

Walkers: Dom and Helen, with dogs Henry & Sharkey

**** Route plotted here ****

After a rainy morning spent indoors reading we ventured out for a stroll down to the Vermaaklikheid shop. We took the road to the left, past the cow field.

Moo! Hello cows, how are you today?

The path goes round the side of the hill. From the rise we got rather nice views back to the cottage and up the valley.

On the way down the other side we had a look at the new dam and olive-tree planting operation with which the new landowner has been busy.

As we looked out to the hills in the distance the clouds began to clear.

After running our errand we walked back the same way.

Henry did his rounds here, running from cottage to cottage. Dom's dogs love being in Vermaaklikheid. They get filthy and covered in burrs within the first hour, but have such fun. Walks and swims every day!

(Photos by Helen)

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