21 December 2009

Vermaaklikheid: Strolls to the River

Dates: 16/18/19 December 2009

Location: Vermaaklikheid

Walker: Helen (and others)

**** Route plotted here ****

Previous visit to Vermaaklikheid here.

Hooray, a long weekend in Vermaaklikheid, my one of my favourite places. Shortly after my arrival in the hamlet I took a stroll by myself down to the river. From the cottage, it is a straight and easy walk along the road. I love the reeds, the grasses, the bushes. Fresh country air!

At the end of the road is the slipway, public access point to the Duikenhoks river. The tide was low and I had to walk across a muddy patch to get to the water. I lost my footing and slipped into the black mud... ick! Cleaned off in the river and swam up and down. So refreshing!

After drying off I strolled back up the road, passing the newly planted olive trees and the little abandoned cottage on the rise.

I also walked past some very contented-looking horses in a field.

Before long I was back at the little stone cottage. Time for tea!

A couple of days later I took another stroll to the river for a swim, this time with Dom and the dogs. Instead of proceeding all the way to the slipway we turned right and followed the road parallel to the river for a way. This route goes past several of the river houses.

At the end of the road is Dom's plot. There is no house here yet (hopefully building in 2010) but there is an access point to the river. The river is lovely and deep here - it is a super swimming spot!

The next day John and Ian (my brother) came down to stay a night with me, and we took another amble down to the river late in the afternoon. It was a bit chilly for swimming. But we all stretched our legs and their doggie Nunu loved being in her own stomping ground.

(Photos by Helen)

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