07 December 2009

Muizenberg Beach with Dogs

Date: 6 December 2009

Location: Muizenberg beachfront

Walkers: Helen, Michele, Richard and Claudia with dogs Daisy and Roxy

** Previous walks on this beach blogged about here and here **

Michele and I joined Claudia and Richard's daily dog walk. First we strolled down to the vlei and then across the road and on to the beach via the canal.

It was super to take off our shoes and walk out onto the soft white sand.

The dogs love the beach. They were well-behaved even though they're very high-energy. Richard threw the ball into the waves for Roxy and she dived in to fetch, over and over and over. What a happy little dog!

Some sections of the beach were very busy... lots of people out enjoying the beautiful weather. We didn't swim, but the water was very pleasant.

Further along the beach it was much more empty.

The sky was full of wispy clouds... cold front on the way. But this late afternoon was still lovely. We watched the day fade and then headed home.

(Photos by Helen)

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