07 November 2009

Devil's Peak: Quarry to Deer Park

Date: 6 November 2009

Location: Devil's Peak, from Vredehoek

Walkers: Helen & Michele

**** Route plotted here ****

Following the same route as this walk, we set off for a late afternoon stroll on the lower slopes of Devil's Peak. The landscape here is still dominated by the remains of the large bushes (Leucodendrons I think) burnt by fire earlier in the year.

We last walked these slopes about six week's ago. At first my impression today was there were far fewer flowers about. Many more grasses.

But as we walked on we spotted a few blooms. I think this yellow flower may be a Bobartia.

And this little thing is Cyanella hyacinthoides. Its common name is Lady's Hand. The yellow stamens are meant to represent the hand, complete with fingernails. Adorable, yes?

We passed a prickly thistle, impressively spiny.

And there were a couple of Chinks. I think these may be the variety Ornithogalum conicum.

The walking was easy on wide jeep tracks.

We also saw one or two Pseudoselago Spuria.

Then a few more, and more, and more. Fields of the things!

As we got close to Deep Park we saw a lovely Aristea capitata.

And also several clumps of pink Watsonia borbonica.

The flowers are gorgeous, but I also like the glossy, strappy leaves, with their distinctive twist.

Also spotted: purple gorse, Aspalanthus cephalotes subsp. violacea.

We followed the path through to the pines trees of Deep Park.

From here we made our way back to the start via Frank Avenue and Chelmsford Road.

(Photos by Helen)

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Scraps of Bev said...

Strange that you mention 'Chelmsford Road' as we went to our nearest large town yesterday for shopping and yes it's Chelmsford in Essex UK !!