07 February 2011

Dolphin Beach, Blouberg & Big Bay

Date: 5 February 2011

Location: Table View

Walkers: Michele & Helen

*** Route plotted here ***

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A walk on the beach is always a fun thing to do. We set off from Dolphin Beach on a calm cloudy morning and headed north towards Blouberg.

The water was a clear green and relatively pleasant - well, it didn't make my ankle bones ache after a quick paddle like the cold Atlantic usually does.

Close to Bloubergstrand the sand got very course - it gave our bare feet a good exfoliation. When it got eina we moved onto the paved pathway.

We continued on towards Big Bay. Something about walking on a wide white beach makes me want to walk on and on and on.

But we were thirsty, so decided to pop into the new Eden shopping centre for a cup of tea. I'm still astonished they got permission to build this huge development right next to the sea. It is so ugly and has changed (and in my opinion, ruined) this once-beautiful beach forever.

Looking north the beach seems to go on for miles. Unfortunately so do the new housing developments, just out of the shot.

Looking south one sees the iconic Table Mountain view. At least that never seems to change!

After our refreshments we headed back. Dolphin Beach looked far away...

... but before long we were back at the start. A good 10km walk!


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Firefly said...

I will never get tired of the view of Table Mountain. Any view of the mountain in fact.

Does that ship look a lot smaller than it did when I was there in Sept?