15 February 2011

Waterfront to Mouille Point & GPP

Date: 14 February 2011

Location: Mouille Point

Walker: Helen

*** Route plotted here ***

I was unwell for several days towards the end of last week, but was feeling better today and keen to get some exercise. So after work I headed down to the Waterfront and, after running errands, I took myself for a stroll.

From Somerset Hospital I walked along Beach Road to Granger Bay and Mouille Point.

Cape Town Stadium was on my left.

Once I got to the ocean I was grateful for the cool breeze. Such a hot day!

I didn't go along the Promenade, but I could see it was very busy.

Instead I took a turn around the Biodiversity Garden at Green Point Park. It was good to see many people there, making the most of the sunshine.

It really is a lovely spot, so peaceful. After an amble around I made my way back via Bay Road. A short sweet walk!


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Firefly the Travel Guy said...

The Biodiversity Garden at Green Point Park really looks like an interesting spot to visit. If I had to stay in CT down at Sea Point, I would be using the promonade on a daily basis.