22 February 2011

Sea Point Prom 2011 - Walk 3

Date: 21 February 2011

Location: Sea Point

Walker: Helen

Archive of all Prom walks here.

Well now, so much for walking the Prom every week!

This year I've really struggled to get into any proper exercise routine. Here we are almost at the end of February and this is only the third time I've managed to get down to the Prom. Tsk tsk. My plans to be super-fit before the Whale Trail (only two weeks away now) haven't worked out either - I'm just hoping I have enough basic fitness left that I manage the hike okay. And I plan to do several walks in the next fortnight to get my lazy legs used to moving every day again - starting today with my usual walk along on the Sea Point Promenade!

As always, once I got myself down to the coast it was an absolute pleasure to be on the familiar route, nicely cooled by an onshore breeze. Conditions were perfect and there were many swimmers and surfers in the water.

There is always something going on on the Prom. Today there was a wedding party having photographs taken.

I also paused to watch three very excited happy collie dogs on the beach. They followed their owner onto the rocks and into the water.

I walked all the way to the end and then all the way back, and felt both relaxed and energized afterwards. Good stuff!



Firefly said...

I have now started to go for walks (so far every time along the beachfront) during my lunch times. I really need to get myself fitter and loose some weight, so this is the way to start.

Helen said...

Sure is. Look forward to hear about your progress and seeing some walk pics up on your blog.