05 February 2011

Mouille Point Prom: Storms!

Date: 3 February 2011

Location: Mouille Point

Walkers: Helen & Michele

*** Route plotted here ***

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Just as I was leaving work to join Michele for a walk on the Mouille Point Promenade she sent me a message saying "clouds". It was a hot sunny day in town, but yes, as I arrived at Mouille Point, there were indeed clouds. They'd come in fast, and were looking very dramatic and threatening above.

Still a bit of blue sky over Sea Point. But the front was coming!

We decided to chance it, so we set off along the path, walking swiftly.

We walk along Beach Rd to Granger Bay, then headed back via Bay Rd.

We'd planned to go into Green Point Park and visit the Biodiversity Garden, but as we reached the entrance rain drops started to fall. Big cold wet drops. And growly thunder. We hurried back to the cars as fast we could, but still got pretty much soaked to the skin! Haha, summer storms are fun.


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Firefly said...

Here in PE it was a very hot day on Saturday and we also had a big storm move in and dump lots of water. YAY!! But we need lots more.