05 February 2011

Sea Point Prom 2011 - Walk 2

Date: 1 February 2011

Location: Sea Point

Walker: Helen

*** Route plotted here ***

Archive of all Prom walks here.

It was a sunny summer's day and after work I headed down to Sea Point for my weekly(ish) walk on the Prom. It's always good to be near the ocean on a hot afternoon, especially when there's an onshore breeze.

The were a surprising number of container ships out to sea. I guess they have to wait their turn to come into the harbour.

The sea looked gorgeous, and there were many people using it: swimmers, sea kayakers, regular surfers and stand up paddle surfers. Rather wished I could cool off in the refreshing water too.

Closest I got was gazing into rock pools. What's that SA flag doing there?


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