08 November 2010

Silvermine: Amphitheatre Path, Anti-clockwise

Date: 7 November 2010

Location: Silvermine

Walkers: Dorothy, Michele & Helen

Previous walks along this path here and here.

*** Route plotted here ***

I love the Amphitheatre Path, probably my favourite circular walk in Silvermine, but for some reason always do it in the same direction. This time we decided to give it a try it the other way round, i.e. anti-clockwise. We set off up the hill, following the path from the dam to the jeep track, up the rocky step short-cut and then along the concrete strip road straight ahead. Constantiaberg was on our right.

Alongside the way we saw lovely Cape snow, Syncarpha vestita.

Pretty lilac powderpuff, Pseudoselagi spuria.

And several stems of this gorgeous pink orchid, Satyrium carneum.

Most exciting for me, though, was finally spotting the mountain dahlia, Liparia splendens. I noticed this one in my wild flower field guides months ago and thought it looked like a beautiful flower, and have been eager to find one in the wild ever since. Now is their season! It did not disappoint... it is a truly lovely and elegant plant.

Once we'd turned left onto the Amphitheatre Path we followed the route along the edge of the mountain ridge. It was easy walking as the path has recently been cleared (vegetation trimmed on both sides of the pathway). Paths need to be maintained, and it was good to see this is being done.

There are the most stunning views from this path, in all directions.

One feels pretty much on top of the world up here, with views south to Simonstown, north to Devil's Peak, and west to Noordhoek. We sat on a rocky outcrop for a bit, enjoying the afternoon sunshine.

Back on the path we spotted a dragon!

On the way down the hill we saw purple Morea.

And this, another new one for me: bloodroot, Dilatris corymbosa.

Once down the hill we strolled down the road, and along the boardwalk back to the cars. We really enjoyed doing the walk this way around.


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Firefly said...

The sights, scenery and amount of flowers on all these trails you have always amaze me. I am just getting more and more jealous. Its amazing how all this changes when you walk "the other way" like you did this time around.