10 November 2010

Prom: Training Walk, Week 2

Date: 10 November 2010

Location: Sea Point

Walker: Helen

Training walks here, and other walks on the Promenade here.

Second week of my get-fitter programme, and back to Sea Point Prom!

Before: Feeling well, and happy to have a chance to walk after two days of rainy weather. Perfect conditions today: sunny with a cool breeze. Set off on my usual route along the Promenade.

The walk: Good! The Prom was very busy. I got into my rhythm right away and completed the route with ease. I noticed that for the last quarter my pace slowed down a little - next time I must work to keep going at the same pace. I also felt one of two minor twinges in my right knee, and made a conscious effort to engage my thigh muscles and avoid jolting as I stepped. I do not want a return of my old knee troubles.

After: I remembered to do a couple of stretches (quads and thighs) at the end of the walk. As always I felt good after my exercise. And hungry ;-)


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Firefly said...

Looking at the pics it does look like it was a stunning day. We were waiting for the rain, but it bypassed us and dropped some water east of here.