23 November 2010

Lion's Head: Training Walk, Week 3

Date: 22 November 2010

Location: Lion's Head

Walkers: Michele & Helen

This walk is part of my get-fit training programme.

For other training walks see here, and the Lion's Head archive see here.

Before: I didn't manage to walk over the weekend due to bad weather and other commitments, so rescheduled for Monday afternoon instead. Luckily it was a pleasant day. I'd needed to push myself to walk - although I've been feeling mentally motivated and eager to keep up with my programme, I haven't been feeling very well physically. I suffer from low blood pressure which sometimes causes me to feel tired, weak and nauseous. It's been really bad recently and I don't really know why. Exercise does make me feel better though, and helps to stabilize the blood pressure, so I need to do it even if the body doesn't feel like it. Luckily I'd made a plan to meet Michele to do this walk otherwise it wouldn't have happened!

The walk:
Very slow-going for me at first as I was not feeling strong. A slow plod uphill. Once we reached the western side I'd warmed up and the walking was much easier. The paragliders were out again... it always lifts my spirits to see them sailing through the air. We noticed that there were also a lot of people on the mountain, and we were passed by many runners and other walkers. More and more and more the later it got. We'd though the mountain would be on the quiet side on a Monday. It took a while for us to realize that (duh!) it was full moon that evening and the hordes were heading up to the top to watch the full moon rise. Tourists by the busload! I was astonished at the numbers... there must have been literally hundreds of people heading up. I don't know how they all find a spot to sit as there really isn't much room up top.

We walked up to the plateau. By this point I was feeling much better... low blood pressure symptoms not present and legs strong. However we weren't enjoying the crowds and had no wish to jostle with the multitudes to reach the summit, so we decided to head down again.

After: It was a good walk, and I was glad I'd done it. We'll do this walk again later in the week, hopefully make it to the top. Although it is nice to have some people around when walking on the mountain, very large numbers is not my idea of fun. Next full moon we'll choose a different route!

Spotted along the way: Cyanella hyacinthoides (also known as Lady's Hand) and another pink flower which I thought was a romulea but now I see has only five petals (not six) and must therefore be something else.

And we saw this rather awesome bug. Isn't he gorgeous!



Unknown said...

I would still like to one day join the hordes up Lions Head for full moon rising.

Helen said...

You should do that, and don't forget your headlamp! I don't mean to sound negative about that walk. It's definitely an experience that everyone should have. I'm glad I did it before it became so popular though ;-)