24 November 2010

Lower Slopes of Signal Hill from Bo Kaap

Date: 24 November 2010

Location: Signal Hill from the Bo Kaap

Walkers: Helen & Dominic, with dogs

*** Route plotted here ***

Today I joined my friend Dom on his short daily dog walk on the mountain slopes behind his house on the edge of the Bo Kaap. From Military Road we took a short-cut up the slope, between the fence and the school.

This brought us to a flat grassy meadow, with Signal Hill ahead. This little valley always surprises me as one doesn't get a sense that it is there at all from the rest of the city bowl. So open and spacious.

We walked to our left, and before long got views across the city bowl.

The track lead us towards Tamboerskloof, with Lion's Head looming above.

When we reached the houses we turned right up the hill, towards and through the stand of gum trees.

Wonderful views of the city from here.

As our path looped round and out of the trees, we walked down...

... leaving Signal Hill behind us. This was just a short stroll but there is quite a network of paths on these slopes. Next time I'd like to explore further.


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Firefly said...

It really hard to believe that such open areas are within a stone's throw from the City Bowl. Oh how I wished I lived in that part of CT.