27 November 2010

Prom: Training Walk, Week 4

Date: 25 November 2010

Location: Sea Point

Walker: Helen

Fourth week of doing training walks, and back to Sea Point Prom for me.

Other training walks here, and other Promenade walks here.

Before: I was feeling in need of some physical exercise after a few very busy - and mentally tiring - days. It was a nice afternoon for walking: hot and summery. The wind that had been howling in Cape Town was still around, although not blowing quite as ferociously as earlier in the week.

The walk: I followed my usual route. The walk itself was easy enough, my legs felt strong and I enjoyed being in motion. This was definitely an "in my head" walk though: I let my mind wander during the walk and did some thinking about a complicated work project I'm in the middle of. I thought through a few problems and got some new ideas and a fresh perspective. I think being next to the ocean helped. It was calming, which in turn set my mind free. And the wind blew away the cobwebs ;-)

I did notice that the Prom seemed busier than normal, with quite a few tourists joining the locals on this popular route. Several new refreshment stands have sprung up to cater for the extra crowds.

It was lovely to see the trees in flower. Some sort of bottle-brush?

After: I felt pretty tired after the walk, but much less stressed and distracted than before. Walking really does relax and restore me, body and mind.


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Firefly the Travel Guy said...

This is the time of the year when the tourist season is getting into full swing and schools will be closing soon so the South African holiday makers will be arriving soon as well.